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He can't believe I have a blog either.
Hello and thanks for stopping by! 

After many “moons” of tossing and turning over the idea of actually having a blog, I decided today was the day to go ahead and take the plunge. 

So here I am, diving into the great unknown. . .  My unknown.  To be completely candid, I have NO idea what I am doing, really.  According the “experts”, that’s not a big deal, because you get on the job experience.  Well, I sure hope so. 

I did manage to somehow get a WordPress theme selected, a picture of myself uploaded, and start my very first post.  So, at this very moment, I am feeling pretty proud of myself.    Ha! 

So you may be wondering, what is this going to be about exactly? What can I expect to read?  Well seeing how I am an expert at NOTHING, This blog will cover a little of everything.  It is going to be like peering into my brain.  Or, for those Inquiring minds out there, it will be like reading my journal or diary, in secret.  Only it’s not, it’s just out there on the World Wide Web for everyone to read, who cares to.

 Since, I consider myself a pretty eclectic person, there’s sure to be a mix of everything like God, Family, Marketing, Music, Health, Humor, Sports, Social Media, Food…and more.  I love to search, and find the silver lining in everyday situations. 

 Come along if you would like. The Silver lining is there, you just have to look for it.    Feel free to “EAVESDROP ON MY BRAIN”   It’s usually an interesting place…so I am told.  🙂