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Daniel Fast Day 8

                       Day 8  (start of week 2) 

Hear Him

“Word of God Speak\” Performed by Mercy Me.

      All rights reserved (this is not owned by me)

 (this song, came to mind as I began writing this blog, Please listen and let it minister to you)  I love the line that says ” the last thing I need, is to be heard, BUT to hear what YOU would say”   Man-oh-Man!  I need to let that lyric sink into my spirit. 

So many times we have one-sided prayers.  We go into a conversation (prayer) with God saying everything we need and want to say, then instead of waiting on His response, we just stop talking and end the conversation.  How many relationships with friends and family would we have if all the conversations were as one-sided?  We wouldn’t have many, that’s for sure.  

Today’s  Devotional Verse:  ” ‘This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.  Listen to him.'”and when they looked up Moses and Elijah were gone and they saw only Jesus.” Matthew 17:5, 8

Devotion:  they were on the mountain of Transfiguration.  Peter, James, and John hear the voice of God, but when they looked, only saw Jesus.  We will discover God by following Jesus. We need only to seek and look to Him.  Have you noticed that sometimes there are areas in our lives where we still try to earn our way to the Father.  I KNOW that I do.  It’s like I believe that some things I will never be good enough. 

 The thing is… I won’t!  On my own,  I will Never BE good enough for God.  None of us will.  That’s the reason why we have to go through Jesus.  He IS Good enough.  He was the only one Good enough to get us to God.  We had no other way.  We need to ask God for a greater revelation of Jesus in our heart.  Jesus gave all that He had.  He humbled himself to become a man and come to earth.  He knew He was the only way for our Salvation. He didn’t just come for the “religious/righteous” ones.  He came for anyone that would choose to believe. 

Luke 5, The bible Reading for today shows us in verse 30) Jesus is complained against for eating with Tax Collectors and sinners.  31) Jesus says ” those who are well have no need for a physician, but those who are sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”  [ Jesus wasn’t waiting on anyone to get their life straight and be sin free]  He seeks out those who need redemption.  He doesn’t alienate himself from those that need restoration and require them to get cleaned up. 

His loving arms are wide open, waiting, to accept you for who you are… right at that moment you run to Him.  Then, the cleaning up of your life will come from Him. 


Oh… by the way.  The food I ate today.. was just more of the same except for two things.  I tried Polenta for the first time.  It’s like corn meal rolled up.  We sliced it and sautéed it in olive oil.  There may be a better way.  🙂  However, it was good. 

The second thing that I discovered was  fruit “roll up” cousins.  I found them in the natural food section in Kroger.  They were like 55 cents a piece and they were really good.  I chose strawberry and grape. 

Well, I am also finding that this is so much MORE about God and LESS about Food.  I mean,  I already “knew” this in my mind, but it has become a truth now discovered in my heart. 







I am a wife of 15 years to my husband, Doug. I have 3 boys;. I enjoy listening to and writing music, movies, laughing, looking at and purchasing office supplies, organizing, restaurants, crafting etc. I love my God, my family, friends, church and our country.

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